We are happy to announce that this summer semester 2017 the IoA again offers the CROSS OVER STUDIO, directed by Andrea Börner and Bernhard Sommer.
The Studio gathers students from the three master-classes to a joint venture in research and design on a special topic.

Topic: Future Public Spaces will speculate on novel strategies for inner-urban densification beyond common paradigms.
Technological changes brought about by the information revolution drastically causes a shift in the understanding
and use of public/common spaces in its current function as a meeting place and space for cultural exchange.
The studio develops architectural interventions in order to advance with spatial manifestations, stepping into the vacuum that this collapsing public leaves behind.

Scope: The studio looks at the city as a three-dimensional space of investigation, whereby the spatial and technological potential
of the architectural expertise is considered as the driving force for alternative urban design strategies to explore the possibilities of undetected spaces for encounter.

People: Directed by Andrea Börner and Bernhard Sommer, taught together with Anna Gulinska and Galo Moncayo,
the program is conducted by faculty from Urban Strategies and Energy Design, and includes intense workshops with invited guests,
guest lectures and reviews in a well balanced mix of integrating international and local knowledge such as amid.cero9: Cristina Díaz Moreno & Efrén Gª Grinda, Klaus Stattmann Liam Young.

Application: Send motivation and work-samples to
sabine.peternell@uni-ak.ac.at until February 25 2017